The Paris Attack is Truly Horrific, But Nothing Occurs in a Vacuum

by Nicholas Stuart, November 16, 2015 And now Paris. Acres of newsprint sacrificed in memorial to the terrible violence. Truly horrific, it deserves to be condemned in the loudest tones. But unexpected? Incomprehensible? I think not. Did President Francois Hollande… Continue Reading

What Israel Is Up To in Jerusalem

by Ran HaCohen, October 19, 2015 Once again, war atmosphere in Israel. In television day and night nothing but Palestinians stabbing, hurling, burning; current footage is recycled ad nauseam, and, a second before vomiting, reminders from previous Intifadas are aired, to… Continue Reading

Understanding the Paris Violence

by Sheldon Richman January 14, 2015 Contrary to American officialdom and its stalwart “manufacturers of consent” — the intelligentsia and mainstream media — we will never comprehend the reasons for the slaughter of 17 innocent people in Paris as long… Continue Reading

Destructive Western Middle East Policy Provides Fertile Ground for Islamic Radicals

by Muhammad Sahimi, January 12, 2015   The criminal attack by Islamic radicals on the offices of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo and murder of 17 people, including the magazine’s editor-in-chief, cartoonists, and other staff members, has shocked the world,… Continue Reading

US Bill Seeks to Exonerate Israel of War Crimes

by Peter Garcia-Webb on Fri, 2014-08-01 The US House of Representatives has passed a resolution that will now go to the Senate. It calls on the international community to recognize and condemn Hamas’ breaches of international law through the use… Continue Reading