Acts of Extremism Are Not Exclusive to One Religion

by Gage Counts February 5, 2015   There is no religion in world history that has been immune from acts of violence being done in its name. In 1948, Zionists massacred Palestinians at Deir Yassin. Responding to the massacre, Menachem… Continue Reading

Understanding the Paris Violence

by Sheldon Richman January 14, 2015 Contrary to American officialdom and its stalwart “manufacturers of consent” — the intelligentsia and mainstream media — we will never comprehend the reasons for the slaughter of 17 innocent people in Paris as long… Continue Reading

Destructive Western Middle East Policy Provides Fertile Ground for Islamic Radicals

by Muhammad Sahimi, January 12, 2015   The criminal attack by Islamic radicals on the offices of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo and murder of 17 people, including the magazine’s editor-in-chief, cartoonists, and other staff members, has shocked the world,… Continue Reading